Dynamic, Bold & Innovative

Exceptional design demands sound engineering, innovation and skill. Sunset delivers as it meets the creative vision of architects and cemetery management across the continent.

As cemeteries strive to distinguish themselves from others, the columbarium is fast becoming the focal feature. Our talent is working collaboratively with Landscape Architects and Cemetery Management across North America in order to create a unique columbarium that attracts attention and comforts families with a peaceful setting for their memorial.

As a custom manufacturer and over 20 years of manufacturing experience, Sunset is turning heads in the industry as it meets the latest in columbaria design. Matching exceptional quality and craftmanship with innovative form is our forte. Couple that with excellent customer service and you cannot go wrong.

Custom manufacturing need not be expensive, and Sunset has the ability and know-how to create a vision that will suit any budget.

Contact our columbaria specialists who will assist you with any questions about your project.