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Columbarium USA is powered by Sunset Memorial & Stone Ltd., an industry leading custom columbarium manufacturer that has been in business since 1992. We have a loyal customer base that extends from Washington State to Maine and from Niagara Falls to Texas. We understand the demand for quality custom designs and look forward to building beautiful cemetery columbaria for California cemeteries, without the need to pay custom prices.

We are known for our design innovation, technical engineering and outstanding customer service. Our columbarium design team and technicians work collaboratively with landscape architects and cemetery personnel across the continent creating some of the most technically advance columbaria niche structures ever built.

We believe that cemetery columbaria must be attractive, eye catching and built with the highest standards in engineering and materials. And although the general public appreciates our aesthetically appealing columbarium designs, cemetery managers most value the superior financial returns from our products. For example, check out our Ascension design and see how we can turn the hardest to sell bottom row niches into a premium product.

The most valued niche on the columbarium.

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Not All Columbaria Niches for California Cemeteries Are Designed The Same

It is important to research and compare the niche core structure and security features. Some columbarium niches in California may require an added level of security while allowing ease of access for cemetery staff.  Sunset is the first columbarium niche manufacturer to develop the key locked inner security door. Our key locked inner security door provides families with the peace of mind that their loved ones are protected. Cemetery staff appreciate the added security, as both urns are protected when the granite shutter is temporarily removed for inscription.

Columbaria for Sale in California!

Buying a columbarium in California is easier than ever with Columbarium USA. Not only do we offer a variety of standard columbarium designs and granite colors, but we have the flexibility to order a specific granite and we have the capability to customize our standard models to accommodate a cemetery setting or design preference.

Sometimes larger family interment options are desired. For cemeteries seeking columbaria niches in California that will accommodate more than two urns, ask about Sunset’s custom columbarium design capabilities or choose from a variety of Heritage Family Columbaria designs. We also provide cemetery memorial walls that can be custom designed to complement surrounding memorial spaces or columbaria gardens.

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The Columbarium Manufacturing Company for California Cemeteries

Our reputation in the industry is backed by an A+ rating from The Better Business Bureau.  We stand behind our columbaria manufacturing with a 10-year warranty on workmanship and lifetime warranty on granite.

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