Quality Columbarium Designs

Sunset has a solid reputation in the industry for sound engineering and the finest of manufacturing techniques. Our exclusive access to cutting edge industries and the latest in technology enhances our quality and design, setting us apart from our competitors. Sunset’s 100% granite exterior columbaria are created to stand the test of time.

Joints — perfectly flushed edges making for clean lines and a perfect, chip-free joint.
Corners — sleek, natural and sculptured qualities that add elegance.
Polishing — we do not use chemicals in the polishing process that might yellow the stone over time.

A Lifetime Warranty on all granite and core components that cover fundamental
flaws in the stone

  • 10 Year Warranty on workmanship
  • Over 30 years of engineering expertise
  • Over 22 years of manufacturing experience

Locking Inner Door

Sunset’s aluminum interior locking door system is greatly appreciated by cemetery management for its ease of operation and second level of security, especially when the granite face plate is removed for inscription. Our Aluminum door locking system is corrosion resistant and the perfect choice for our North American climate.

Our interior aluminum locking door system is a standard feature in all of our commercial models.

Aluminum Frame

Sunset’s interior aluminum frame is designed to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations while providing the strength and flexibility to create innovative columbaria forms. All of Sunset’s Interior aluminum cores are powder coated to ensure a beautiful look and to prevent metal urns from fusing to a non-coated aluminum niche.


Sunset is the first to introduce new Nylene materials as part of our interior niche cores. Nylene was first developed by the military for use in the M1 Abrams tank and is now used in the fabrication of Predator Drones. Inert to the environment, lighter in weight and pound for pound stronger than steel in compression, Nylene is proving to be a winner in the latest columbarium design and technology. As a cost savings alternative to aluminum, Sunset has employed Nylene in thousands of niches across the country—savings we gladly pass onto our customers.

Any questions on our products and services? Please contact our columbarium representatives for further information.