Memorial Walls

Memorial Walls mark a moment in time and draw us to reflect and learn about individuals, poignant events or causes that society deems vital to remember.  Rural towns, municipalities, corporations, institutions and cemeteries commission memorial walls to commemorate these important moments in time and people.   

At Sunset, we recognize the need for customization and imagination when designing memorial walls.  We understand that each project is unique onto its own. We offer design and graphic art capability to assist with any type of memorial wall.

Cremation Memorials

Based on state regulations, the scattering of cremated remains may occur in natural settings, in certain bodies of water, and in some cemetery properties.

To address a growing need for cremation memorialization, cemeteries are introducing formal scattering gardens and designated areas for alternative cremation interment.  For cemeteries, churches, or institutions seeking permanent memorialization we can custom design and manufacture memorial walls and memorial benches specifically to meet this need.  These monuments can be embellished with laser etching, inscriptions or memorial plaques.

Find out more about our memorial & columbarium wall design capabilities

Our memorial walls are not only free standing, they can also be incorporated on the sides of any of our columbarium walls or columbaria memorials.  So if you are purchasing a Sunset columbarium, don’t hesitate to ask about adding additional commemoration to the side walls of the unit. Our Art Department will be able to assist with custom designed artwork that conveys reverence and artistry.  Insignias, inspirational quotes, and graphic designs can be added to the sidewalls of our columbaria.

Just like columbarium plaques, memorial plaques can be set onto any free standing granite memorial walls with either bolts or epoxy adhesives.  Some plaque styles require pre-drilling holes in the granite, while others can be set into defined spaces with the epoxy.


If we have the granite in stock, the memorial wall can be ready within three weeks after the design is approved.  In general though, most of our memorial walls are customized and require a special granite order. This turn around process can take around 3 months.   

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