Columbarium USA – Our Photo Gallery

We are proud of our products and for this reason, we like to provide our clients with as many columbarium photos as possible.  Columbarium USA want to capture your imagination, inspire your creative side and satisfy your curiosity about our products and diverse clientele.  We are proud to present these columbarium pictures as they highlight our diverse portfolio, our manufacturing capability and our skilled craftsmanship.  We recognize that exciting new columbarium garden designs are being created across the continent, so we like to share these columbarium images to reveal how cemeteries across North America are dealing with this ever increasing cremation trend.  

The following columbarium photos are a visual reminder that we have been at this business for a very long time.  They affirm that you are in good hands when you choose Sunset.

“A columbarium picture can paint a thousand words.”  

And with Sunset’s strong sense of style and craftsmanship the richness of these words turn poetic!

Contact us if there is a columbarium image that captures your attention.  We will be happy to assist by creating that perfect custom columbarium design for you.

Please call in to speak with a representative regarding our color selections, as they subject to change due to availability.

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