Columbarium Suppliers North America

Established in 1992, Sunset Memorial & Stone is one of the most trusted columbarium suppliers in North America.  In the past years, we have become an industry leader in custom columbarium design for the following reasons:

    Sunset’s designs are flexible and most often custom which enables customers to create the differentiation they require.
    Surprises may happen from time to time on a job, and we have established the reputation of keeping a problem from becoming our customer’s problem. We simply will not stop until we have ensured full customer satisfaction.
    We do not cut corners and use poor quality construction materials to save a dollar. We communicate with our customers and review our Warranty policy with them, which is one of the most extensive in the industry.
    When one is able to deliver exactly what the customer wants in a way that is simple, and with a quality that will last hundreds of years, a valuable proposition has been created that is simply unbeatable.

Gord Leaf President

Gordon Leaf P.Eng, MBA, President

Gord brings over 25 years of engineering and business management experience to every project.  He serves the interest of his clients with honesty, and a loyal commitment to ensuring their success.  He is a listener, a problem solver and an experienced partner for project planning. He has a keen interest in art and enjoys the creative process of building columbarium structures that are bold and dynamic. Gord’s passion for innovation and design is making an indelible mark on the future of columbarium manufacturing in North America.  

USA Team

Columbarium USA Team

Our team is dedicated to the highest levels of service and customer satisfaction.  We have three qualified engineers on staff to address all the complex aspects of design and manufacturing.  Our project manager brings years of manufacturing skill and onsite installation experience to every project.  Our art department is creative, innovative and eager to assist with customized details to any project. High pressure sales tactics are not our style.  Our sales team is focused on meeting your needs and your timelines. We take great pride in ensuring that your experience selecting or designing a columbarium is an enjoyable, collaborative and rewarding process.  So never hesitate to call us if you have a question we will always have your best interest at heart.  

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