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Custom Outdoor Mausoleum or Burial Crypts

Despite the increase in cremation interment, there still is a demand for cemeteries to offer an alternative to inground burial.  Cemeteries wishing to provide additional options to ground casket burial may be interested in Sunset’s outdoor mausoleum or sometimes referred to as burial crypts, that accommodate full body above ground casket interments. Often landscape architects will create new, designs that integrate above ground tombs or mausolea columbaria to provide a diverse product offering, using a common garden setting. Our crypts can be customized in order to meet each cemetery’s unique needs. We have the custom design capability to complement existing structures and the skill set to provide matching crypt and columbaria options.  Our standard burial vault configurations are generally 3 vaults wide by either 2 or 3 vaults high.  Should a cemetery require a different configuration, don’t hesitate to ask us as we have the capability to create a smaller outdoor mausolea configuration to suit most design requirements.  We can also provide lawn crypts for either single or double casket interment. Our burial vault interiors are either made of precast concrete or all granite walls and are designed to hold industry standard casket size.

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Crypt Design Capabilities

Find out more about our Crypt Design Capabilities as our custom capabilities include:

  • specialty rooflines,
  • unique pediments or façades
  • creative column details
  • handcrafted statuary
  • custom engraving capabilities,
  • laser or sandblasted artwork developed in-house
  • customized lawn crypts for single or double casket burial

Once the design is finalized, the granite selected and the contract is signed, our clients can expect (in general) a 3 month turn around for the product to be delivered.

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