Columbarium USA – Your Business Plan

At Sunset Memorial & Stone, we believe we cannot achieve full customer satisfaction until we are assured that you are making a profit from your columbarium purchase.

To this end, we try to provide prospective customers with as much supporting information as we can, to help them create a realistic and persuasive plan that they can present to their boards, organizations, or communities to turn concept into reality. The process is composed of 5 simple steps as shown in the figure.

Sunset recognizes that many of our customers excel at serving people, but may not have the financial background to be able to create a strong financial assessment of their columbarium proposals.

To assist potential customers with this skill, we have created the Sunset Memorial & Stone Financial Calculator that leads customers step by step through a spreadsheet that does all of the financial calculations for them. After inputting the required information, the calculator will tell potential customers their:

  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Number of Years to Payback
  • Net Present Value (the total profit you would make in today’s dollars)

The calculator will even advise clients if they could be buying too large of a columbarium to suit their needs! Call a Sunset representative, or click to request this extremely helpful tool.