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The Garden Suites Family Memorial Outdoor Columbarium

At Sunset Memorial & Stone, our commitment is to providing families, friends and communities with lasting tributes that honour the life and memory of their loved ones.

Our unique Garden Suites feature a variety of interment and memorialization options in a family-scaled garden setting. The six unique suites integrate traditional upright marker lots for casket and cremation burial, pillow marker lots for cremation burial and columbaria with low maintenance traditional landscaping. Each family estate suite can accommodate between 10 and 50 interments in a combination of traditional and cremation burials.


The six unique suites are designed to fit together to create visually appealing cluster layouts within the cemetery environment. These clusters can be arrayed to form a Family Estate section that offer a final resting place for hundreds of loved ones while both observing and enhancing the intimacy required for grieving and remembering in each individual suite. Architectural partitions or fencing can be incorporated into the cluster layouts to identify the distinct physical limits of each family estate suite.

Land Reqirements

A family estate cemetery section offers a considerable increase in burial yield over traditional single casket lots. A cemetery section consisting of 21 family estate suites (shown below) offers at least 453 interments in a variety of casket lots, cremation lots and columbarium niches and requires 0.15 acres of land. This is the equivalent of 100-130 casket lots based upon a typical yield per acre.

The family estate suites are designed to allow for easy grave site access for funeral activities, visitors and a variety of cemetery operations, including opening/closings, installation of monuments/columbaria, general site maintenance and snow removal for seasonal grave site access.

Each suite contains reasonable space for low maintenance native ‘softscape’ elements such as woody plant material (small trees and shrubs) and herbaceous plant materials (annuals, perennials, and ornamental grasses). Memorial planters with seasonal displays can also be incorporated into some suites – particularly those with paved ‘courtyard’ surfaces.

Architectural Partitioning


Choose from a variety of styles to fit your needs. Click on the names below for more information about our garden suites.

For more information on styles, colour choices, sizes and pricing for your next project, please contact one of our Sales and Service Representatives.