Grand Legacy

Grand Legacy

Grand Legacy

with granite base

  • The Grand Legacy distinguishes itself with an attractive roof line and simple elegance.rect2
  • Upgraded or enhanced features include a polished square edge detail and polished margin on the base.
  • The edge profile is continued onto the roof which also features a raised profiled top.
  • powder-coated marine grade aluminum or a hybrid aluminum/ NyleneTM core
  • key-locked inner aluminum security door
  • niche sizes (2 urn capacity):
    • 12” wide x 12” high x 12” deep (for small urns)
    • 12” wide x 12” high x 16” deep (for large urns)
  • Granite finishes:

    • rock-pitched or sawn edges
    • polished surfaces
  • variety of granite colour combinations
  • Legacy – 3” thick flat roof complete with drip groove
  • Grand Legacy – 7” thick sloping roof complete with drip groove

Grand Legacy with Granite Double Base Option

Grand Legacy with granite double base option.

Grand Legacy Roof

Close-up of roofline.

Optional Features

  • A second granite base
  • Rock pitch or sawn edge finishes
  • Custom niche sizes
  • Single or double sided niche configuration
  • Niche identification inscriptions
  • End walls
    • Stone
    • Brick
    • Artwork
    • Inscription

Standard Features

  • 100% Granite Exterior