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The Ascension Columbaria with Angled Bottom Niche

Cemetery managers have confirmed that the striking Ascension design converts the hardest selling bottom niche into the most desired and the most profitable. The larger niche and granite shutter inscription area, combined with the angled orientation that faces up towards the visitor, conveys clear and tangible value.
Every Ascension niche can be marketed as either an individual, or an extended family option depending on your choice of configuration.

Standard Features:

  • 100% granite exterior
  • Powder-coated, marine grade aluminum core
  • Individual niche – 4 urns
  • Extended family niche – 8 urns
  • Proprietary water tight, key-locked inner security door
  • Choice of granite colour combinations
  • Attractive angled and polished top and front moldings

Optional Features:

  • Removable inner partition to convert individual niches into an extended family niche

Turn the Lowest Niche Into Your Premium Product