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The Chinook Curved Columbarium Memorials

Curved models add interest and draw the eye to a welcoming and peaceful space. Our exquisite designs accentuate the natural environment with graceful, flowing lines. Features like flanking towers can be added to create prominence. As either a single wall or a double wide unit, each curve is customized to meet any dimensional specifications.

Curved models

Standard Features

  • 100% Granite Exterior
  • accommodation of any radius
  • powder-coated marine grade aluminum or a hybrid aluminum/Nylene™ core
  • key-locked inner aluminum security door
  • niche sizes (2 urn capacity):
    • 12” wide x 12” high x 12” deep (for small urns)
    • 12” wide x 12” high x 16” deep (for large urns)
  • Granite finishes:
    • rock-pitched or sawn edges
    • polished surfaces
  • variety of granite colour combinations

Optional Features

  • curved double sided (back to back) niche configuration
  • curved single sided (wall) niche configuration
  • niche identification inscriptions
  • flanking and/or central towers
  • end walls
    • masonry-stone
    • brick
    • artwork


Curved_Pensylvnia MLL_9799