The Concord Low-Profile Columbaria

Designed to minimize the columbarium’s profile in the cemetery, the Concord’s low contour keeps the surrounding space open and inviting. The unique angled configuration allows the columbarium to be installed partially below grade while facing the granite shutter upward towards the visitor.   Back-to-back configurations allow for the addition of planters that enhance the beauty and create a warm, inviting place. The Concord’s layout versatility and modular accessories make it the perfect choice.   Angled walls can be created in single or double-sided configurations depending upon space considerations and landscape additions.

Standard Features

  • 100% Granite Exterior
  • Granite inner niche dividers
  • Proprietary water-tight, key-locked inner aluminum security door
  • Niche size – 12” wide x 12” high x 16” deep (2 urn capacity)
  • Sawn or polished outer granite finishes
  • Variety of granite door colours

Optional Features

  • Sealed water tight planter with drain tube
  • Granite pedestals for corners or partitions
  • Ornamental sculpture (for pedestals)
  • Fascia and end walls, coloured granite inlays, stone, brick, artwork inscription

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