For those who are in the early phases of developing a columbarium garden and checking out columbarium designs, never hesitate to contact a manufacturer to get a quote.

You will never know if you don’t ask.  

For outdoor, free standing columbaria, all granite exteriors you will be looking at costs from about $300 up to $650 or even $800 per niche depending on:  the columbarium model or level of customization required, the shipping and installation requirements, the size and reach of the crane required,  the granite colors and the scale of the columbarium project.

Unlike most “off the shelf” mass produced products, quality columbaria are really a customized product, even if one chooses a “standard model”.  Confirm that your columbarium supplier builds the product “in house”.  It is important to note, that a columbarium “supplier” is not the same as a columbarium “manufacturer”.    Some are manufactured on the continent and others are manufactured offshore. So keep in mind, to compare “apples” to “apples”.  Not all columbaria are manufactured the same.

Focus on: quality frame and niche core construction, added security features, design innovation and manufacturing flexibility for creating an eye catching columbarium garden.

Here are the top 4 considerations manufacturers consider when deriving a quote for a client:

  1.  Style

Some columbarium styles are more costly than others.  The most price efficient models are rectangular double sided units with a flat roof.   The most expensive part of the columbarium is the roof and the base, so the more niches that can fit in between, the lower the cost per niche.  However, taller niches above 6 niches high are often harder to sell, as visitors like to be able to see the niche shutters at eye level.

In contrast, cemetery management know that the bottom row niches are often the hardest and the last to sell.  An angled bottom row niche may be a more expensive columbarium feature, but this “Ascension” feature can turn the bottom row into a premium product that can be sold at a higher price.  Consider adding larger family interment niches to the columbarium as well to provide a variety of interment options for families.

Columbaria with large granite domes or gabled roof tops require the expertise of skilled carvers. These features are also heavier and therefore can impact the price.  Curved columbaria require bit more technical detail and sculptural attention in order to achieve the perfect radius and niche configuration to suit the columbarium garden.  And finally, custom designs with reliquary ledges or curved roof lines will impact the costs per niche. That being said,

People know quality when they see it.   

Creating a distinctive columbarium garden may be worth the investment in client appeal and overall niche sales.  Never underestimate the value a beautiful design.

Style Matters.

  1. Shipping and Installation

The columbarium manufacturer will provide you with a quote that includes both shipping and installation fees.   The columbaria are secured to the top of a flatbed trucks and shipped to locations anywhere in North America. A crane is scheduled to be set up and ready upon arrival of the shipment.  A professional qualified installer arrives on site to oversee the installation and ensure that the columbarium is not damaged.

So when you are comparing columbarium prices, make sure your quote includes the shipping and installation fees.  Certain locations require larger cranes for manipulating above treelines or on hillsides. These factors will impact the cost of installation.

  1. Granite Color

Every columbarium garden is unique.   It is important that the granite colors should complement each distinctive setting.  In general, the most economical granite options begin with a grey colored roof, base and sidewalls.  Most granite shutter colors can be matched with a similar granite options.

You will want to make sure that your columbarium manufacturer has reliable granite suppliers who will be able to find you the best product at the best price.

For those who are new at selecting granite colors, know that specific granite colors are dependent upon specific locations on every continent.  For example, a color like “Blue Pearl” comes from Norway. It is revered for it’s rare blue tones and it is a more expensive granite. Building an entire columbarium using only Blue Pearl granite, would be an expensive option.  But by choosing a grey granite base, roof and sidewalls, and only using Blue Pearl on the shutter doors, the overall columbarium price can be reduced.

So keep in mind that certain granite colors will impact the price.  Never hesitate to call a columbarium manufacturer to get a quote. Ask if they can assist you with finding the perfect granite color combinations at the best price.

  1. Niche Count

Cremation interment statistics are different in every community.  Some cemeteries require more niches than others. So ordering the perfect number of niches and building the project in phases is the most cost efficient approach.  

Columbarium prices are impacted by the number of niches that are delivered at once.  Capitalizing on shipping and installation costs all at once can help to bring down the cost per niche.  That being said, never let a columbarium salesperson sell you more niches than the cemetery can support.  Best practices are, to plan to have the columbarium sold out in 3 to 5 years.

Columbarium Price Overview

Every church or cemetery has their own unique columbarium garden setting requirements.   Every columbarium delivery requires a specific shipping considerations and installation requirements.  Every project demands a specific niche configuration and niche quantity. So look for an experienced columbarium manufacturer who is willing to assist with ideas and best strategies that will have your church or cemetery’s best interest at heart.

Look for a company that focuses on:

  1. Structurally welded frames that support the roof, sidewalls and granite shutters
  2. Added security features like key locked inner security doors
  3. Technologically advanced niche cores like Nylene
  4. Powder coated aluminum niche cores to prevent metal urns from fusing to the base
  5. Qualified engineers on staff for expert advice
  6. Warranties on workmanship and granite
  7. Customer Service Ratings from the Better Business Bureau, Google My Business and customer references
  8. Years of industry experience
  9. Innovation and design flexibility for customization
  10. Multi phase projects that reflect brand loyalty and product confidence