• Learn About Types of Memorial Services

Learn About Types of Memorial Services

Learn About Types of Memorial Services There are many types of memorial services that a person can choose from. They vary in personalization, price, style, process, cost, and depending on the individual's or their family's religious beliefs. It will take time to determine the right funeral type for you. The following guide will

  • Columbarium cremation niches

7 Reasons Why You Might Consider Cremation Niches

7 Reasons Why You Might Consider Cremation Niches  Whether you are an individual considering the benefits of purchasing a cremation niche, a church member, or a cemetery manager considering the advantages of purchasing a columbarium, the following list is designed to highlight the top 7 reasons for choosing cremation niches. 1- Above Ground

  • How to clean a granite headstone

Here’s How to Clean a Granite Headstone

Here’s How to Clean a Granite Headstone.  A headstone is a memorial to a loved one, and we focus on creating beautiful monuments that will last for generations. To ensure the beauty of a granite monument that is exposed to dirt and debris over time, it can be gently washed with water and

The Church Columbarium: The Future of Cremation Interment for the Faith Community

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Traditional Church Cemeteries are prominent sites in most communities across North America. These cemeteries exemplify how churches have been supporting the community for centuries.  As the faith community continues to grow, they are seeking new ways to assist families during their darkest hour. Statistically, cremation in North America is almost surpassing traditional casket burial.

  • columbarium_installation

Columbarium Installation and Shipping – Why Distance Doesn’t Matter

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If you have concerns about choosing a columbarium manufacturer that is not located within close proximity to your cemetery, rest assured that most cemeteries in North America aren’t located anywhere near a columbarium manufacturer. Quality columbarium manufacturers never worry about the shipping distance, because all of their products eventually have to be loaded on a truck