Learn how columbarium’s are becoming increasingly popular as a final resting place, offering a serene and personalized alternative to traditional burial options

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Columbarium Installation and Shipping – Why Distance Doesn’t Matter

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If you have concerns about choosing a columbarium manufacturer that is not located within close proximity to your cemetery, rest assured that most cemeteries in North America aren’t located anywhere near a columbarium manufacturer. Quality columbarium manufacturers never worry about the shipping distance, because all of their products eventually have to be loaded on a truck

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Religious Perspectives On Cremation

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The practice of cremation is becoming more common in North America. Although some religions forbid cremation, others have accepted the concept and today refer to cremation in their canon. Various religious denominations are adapting to these changes and integrating the practice into their funeral services. Some eastern religions have been cremating their dead for

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How to Improve the Appeal of the Bottom Tier Niches

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Redesigning The Ground Floor Planning a new feature columbarium for Sarnia Ontario’s Lakeview Cemetery required some "thinking outside the box". Inspired by Manager Kelly O’Connor’s idea to solve an age-old problem by turning the lowest row (the hardest niches to sell) into a more valuable offering, Architect Rob Hilton and Sunset Memorial & Stone collaborated

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The Pacific Northwest: Pushing Columbarium Design Forward

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There is a quiet buzz on the North American trade show circuit. One hears a quick reference at a business meeting. Something bold and exciting is happening in the Pacific Northwest that is beginning to turn heads in the industry. A new Architectural direction is awakening in columbaria design, changing the way cemeteries approach

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Selecting Designs for Granite Memorial Stones

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Deciding on a memorial for a loved one can be a tremendously emotional experience for families. Describing and defining a life through the permanence of stone can be overwhelming when compounded with the experience of deep loss. At Sunset Memorial and Stone we focus on helping families through the process with compassionate care. We