Top 10 Reasons to Invest in a Columbarium

1. Move the real estate vertically.

Some cemeteries are facing land shortages. The columbarium can provide an innovative solution for cemeteries concerned with running out of interment space.

2. Meet the needs of the cremation market.

Provide an appealing place for interment other than: in ground burial.  Create an attractive columbarium garden setting that will draw visitors and families back to the cemetery.  Create a meaningful memorial alternative to: scattering cremains in nature,  setting urns on fireplace mantels, or storing urns in closets.


Graceful curved rooflines, granite finials, bronze accents combined with dynamic design provides a sculptural, artistic quality to a series of unique custom manufactured columbaria.

3. Reduce cemetery maintenance and watering costs

If thoughtfully designed, the columbarium garden lends itself to not only maximizing interment space but it can also reduce maintenance budgets per interment.   Conserve water and lawn mowing costs by employing xeriscape landscaping features within and around the columbarium garden.   Focus on using plant material that can survive during times of drought..

4. Reinvent underused sections of the cemetery.

Cemeteries often have challenging sections that are not being fully utilized.  With imagination and a well planned design, cemeteries can turn a problem area into a profitable, “eye catching” columbarium garden. Landscape architects can provide the expertise and vision to help cemeteries reinvent unused cemetery areas.

Columbarium Niches

5. Help hide unsightly views.

Define cemetery boundaries with a single sided walled columbaria structure. Designate an appealing new space for future columbarium expansion within a defined border.

6. Provide family cremation interment options.

Smaller family columbaria can be placed within the columbarium garden settings and along pathways to provide easy access for visitors as well as accommodate the needs of families wishing to be interred together.   Compliment the larger commercial columbarium with a variety of family columbaria.

7. Provide value to two distinct customers at the same time.

Some columbaria models cost more than others due to their shapes, sizes, and level of customization.  Some niche spaces on a columbarium are more desirable than others.  Design a quality manufactured columbarium garden to accommodate those wishing to reduce the costs of: a casket burial and headstone, and those wanting to be associated with an architecturally unique columbarium garden.  Meet the needs of those seeking an economically viable option and those willing to pay more for an artistic space that will be enjoyed by future generations.

8. Make your cemetery stand apart from others by investing in a unique custom design.

People recognize quality columbaria construction when they see it.  Never underestimate that a noteworthy columbarium design will attract attention.  Chose a columbarium manufacturer who is willing to go that extra mile to invest in innovation and is willing to collaborate with talented architectural firms to create dynamic new columbaria designs.

9.  Make cemetery operations a little bit easier.

On a cold winter’s day, interring an urn in a columbarium niche is far less laborious compared to preparing a grave for casket burial.  Cemetery staff appreciate the ease of access when interring cremains in a columbarium niche, especially if that niche door is engineered for both security and utility.   Columbaria niche interment requires an easy to follow protocol.  A well designed niche system allows for efficient cemetery operations.  When purchasing a columbarium, focus on a niche core design that provides added security features.  Choose a columbarium manufacturer that offers easy to operate, individual key lockable inner niche doors as a standard feature.

10.  Recognize that cremation statistics continue to increase across North America.

Pivot towards the trend.  Offer families an interment option that is not only attractive but can provide a positive return on investment.  Although there are initial costs up front, purchase the number of columbarium niches thoughtfully.  Build in phases.  Focus on quality: construction, engineering and style.  A columbarium can add value to the cemetery’s appeal and bottom line.

Choose the columbarium manufacturer that will have your best interest at heart.