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The Church Columbarium: The Future of Cremation Interment for the Faith Community

The traditional Church Cemetery with the white picket fence surrounding the perimeter exemplifies how churches have been providing for their community for centuries. As churches continue to expand and grow they are seeking new ways that they can support families during their darkest hour while meeting the needs of their faith community. Statistically, cremation in

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Columbarium Installation and Shipping – Why Distance Doesn’t Matter

If you have concerns about choosing a columbarium manufacturer that is not located within close proximity to your cemetery, rest assured that most cemeteries in North America aren’t located anywhere near a columbarium manufacturer. Quality columbarium manufacturers never worry about the shipping distance, because all of their products eventually have to be loaded on a truck and

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Religious Perspectives On Cremation

The practice of cremation is becoming more common in North America. Although some religions forbid cremation, others have accepted the concept and today refer to cremation in their canon. Various religious denominations are adapting to these changes and integrating the practice into their funeral services. Some eastern religions have been cremating their dead for centuries